Castle and Silgman Photos

Castle Family
Mary Noyes Champlin Castle was the mother of William Booth Castle

William Booth Castle and his wife, Cynthia Cochran, had 4 children-James, Louisa, Elisabeth and Lewis.

Cynthia Cochran Castle

William Castle Family Cynthia, Louisa holding Ormal, William Castle in front. Lewis and Ida Castle in back

James Castle, elder son

Lewis Castle, younger son

Lewis Castle was married to Ida Silgman and they were parents to 2 sons, Ormal and Champlain.

Ida Silgman Castle

Champ and Ormal Castle

William Larabee and Myrtle Van Fosson on their wedding day. William was the son of Elizabeth Castle and Elbert Larabee.

Champ Castle His graduation picture in 1927.

Champ Castle

Gen Castle Her graduation picture.

Champ and Gen Castle on their wedding day

Gen Castle


Elizabeth Cochran Smith, sister of Cynthia

Here are three Castle Family photos we cannot identify. If anyone can help with these, please write to me. Thank you.
Unknown woman 1

Unknown woman 2

Unknown couple


William Silgman was married to Amelia Pappritz. They had 7 children-Max, Ida, Clara, Ottilie "Delia", Alma, Otto and Emma.

Amelia Pappritz

Max Silgman

Ida Silgman Castle

Clara Silgman Mildebrandt

Allie Silgman

Ottilie Silgman (Delia)

Otto Silgman

Emma Silgman

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