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Carl Schumann (1815-1890) and Wilhelmine Henriette Louise Thiede Schumann emigrated in 1867 with their 5 children, August, Carl, Wilhelmine, Herman and Louise. Another child, Helene, was born in Wisconsin.

Passenger list, arrived June 11, 1867. August is listed at the bottom of the page.

Henriette Thiede Schumann

Schumann Family Gathering circa 1910-19, probably in Watertown, Wisconsin. Ladies seated in center-2nd Helene Schumann Atspoden, 3rd Wilhelmine "Minnie" Schumann Raabe, far right Emile Wolf Schumann, wife of Carl Jr. Front right is Ella Schumann, wife of Emil. Emil is on the left behind the other man. Front right is Martha Schumann.

Three Schumann siblings Helene Atspoden, August Schumann, Willhelmine Raabe

Family of Carl Schumann Jr. Below are pictures from this photo of each individual.

Carl Schumann Jr.

Emilie Wolf Schumann

Martha Schumann

Otto Schumann

Albert Schumann

Carl Schumann 3

Emil Schumann

Frank Schumann

Henry Schumann

Bill Schumann

Bill Schumann confirmation.

BillSchumann and Adela Remmel.

BillSchumann and Adela Remmel's wedding day, with Emma Siedel and Carl Hubb

Bill, Adela and their children. Don't know who the others are.

Bill and Adela with Arline, Art and Fred.

Bill and Adela.

Bill, Adela, children and grandchildren.

St. Peter's Church, North Lake, Wisconsin

the first three are circa 1915

Bill Schumann in front

Adela in front

from the road

St. Peter's Church

Watertown Wisconsin Baseball Teams with Schumann Brothers, sons of Carl Jr.

1908 Team Back row from left-3rd Bill, 4th Albert, 5th Henry, 7th Otto. Front row far right-Emil

1909 Team Back row far right-Otto. Front far left Bill

1928 Team Back row far left Henry. Center row 4th-Bill.

Emilie Wolf Schumann

Wolf Sisters Johanna Wolf Kressin Buege and Emilie Wolf Schumann

Adela Remmel Schumann Wife of William

William Raabe and Anna Marie Nell William was the son of Wilhelmine Schumann Raabe

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