Parsons Photos

Parsons Family

Clement Parsons (1792-1865) was married to Leathy Lanham and they had 4 children including son James Cosby Parsons. After Leathy died, Clement married Elizabeth Blandford and had 7 more children-John Henry, William Edward, Elizabeth Catherine, Thomas Sylvester, Joseph Marion, Robert Francis, and Richard Miles Parsons. Three sons, James, Joseph and Robert all served in the 1st Northeast Regiment, Missouri Cavalry of the Confederate Army during the Civil War.

James Cosby Parsons and Mary E. Pierceall. James is wearing a Civil War Reunion Ribbon

4 Siblings Clockwise from back left are William, Thomas, Elizabeth and Joseph.

Robert Parsons and Susan Wimsatt Family

Richard Miles Parsons and children children from left are James, Richard, Mabel in front and Zelma.

Children and grandchildren of T. S. Parsons:


John, father of Helen, Mary, Robert, James, Martha, Francis, and Genevieve

George William "Will", father of Austin, Stanley, and Jeanne

Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" McKoon, mother of Harold and Henry McKoon

Minnie Dumas, mother of Donald, Marion, Lloyd, William, and Agnes Dumas and Irma Sarmento.

Lucinda Josephine Austin, mother of Robert and Cynthie Austin

Robert Parsons

John was a city engineer and surveyor.

John, Lizzie, and Will

Josephine and Minnie

Lucinda Josephine Parsons with nephews Donald and Marion

Three charcoal drawings belonging to Kitty McKoon of Thomas, his first wife Elizabeth Deborah Calhoun Parsons, and probably his second wife Cynthia Cast Parsons.

Group photo circa 1910. John's wife, Mary McDowell Parsons and crying baby Martha are on the left. Sitting behind is Josephine. Looking at the baby are an unknown man and lady. Ignoring them all is John Parsons.

John Parsons' Family

John Parsons married Mary McDowell and they had 7 children-Helen, Mary, Robert, James, Martha, Francis and Genevieve.

The Family CarTaken on a trip to the see Grandpa near Hopland, California.

Mary, Helen, Robert and baby Jim

Helen and Mary camping

Helen and Mary

Bob and Jim

Gen and Martha

Francis and Gen

Helen and squirrel, with hat, and playing teacher

Mary as a tot and in pigtails

Little Bob

Jim helping on the farm , in his suit and as a newsboy

Francis in his wagon and with some chickens.An older Francis saluting

Martha in uniform.

Baby Gen, in the 20's,and in uniform.

Gen when she was Sister Mary Pauline with her niece, Joan Medina

Mary McDowell Parsons

Mary in Yosemite, 1909 and with baby


Mary Elizabeth Parsons married Horace McKoon and they had 2 sons, Harold and Henry.

Lizzie with bonnet.

Harold, Lizzie and Henry

Harold McKoon and Ann Lynch wedding

Austin and Dumas Families

Josephine Parsons and John Lloyd Austin wedding photo

Lucinda Josephine Parsons with nephews Donald and Marion Dumas

Marion Sylvester Dumas

Lloyd Edward Dumas baby photo and wedding day, March 26, 1932, with wife, Ann.

William Delancey Dumas 1926

Agnes Dumas


Agnes and Irma on August 7, 1917, about 1924, and on April 16, 1957.

Cousin Group 1 Martha on left, 2nd is DeEtte Winters (a cousin of the McKoons), Agnes Dumas on right.

Cousin Group 2 back--Gen, Martha, Agnes Dumas, Austin, front--Henry McKoon, Helen Winters and Carol Winters .

Cousin Group 3 Francis in front of Harold McKoon and behind Henry McKoon, Martha, Agnes Dumas, Austin. The girl on the left is DeEtte Winters. Don't know the little girl.

Cousin Group 4 James, Robert, Austin Parsons, Francis in front.

Stan and Jean Children of Will

Austin Parsons and Agnes Dumas.

Gen, DeEtte Winters and Martha

Skiers, Ann Lynch McKoon on the right, Gen is 2nd from right and Frank Freeman is in the middle. Don't know the rest. The date is Feb. 22, 1938.

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