Franke and Renz Photos


William Franke

Barbara Schelhorn Franke

Catherine Renz and Berhard Franke

Nicholas Franke

Theresa and Margaret Franke

Al Franke

Margaret Franke

Margaret Franke

John Franke

Nicholas and Sarah Franke

Anna Franke and Tom Markey


John Renz Sr. Family From left rear are Jake, George, Joseph, John Jr., and Barbara. Front from left are Caroline, John Sr., Theresa, and Catherine.

John Renz Jr. and Mary Stransky Family Children from left are Albert, Catherine and Edith May.

Jacob and Rose Renz Family Standing is Katherine, in center Magdaline and on right is Anthony.

George Renz and Anna Scheideler Family In back are Emma, William and Gertrude. In front are Justus, George, Agnes, Otto and Anna.

Joseph Renz

Caroline Renz and John Biener

Caroline Renz and John Biener's children From back left are Edmund, Anna, Rose, Leo and Catherine. In front are Clara, Mary, and Francis.

5 Renz Siblings From left are John Jr., Barbara, George, Catherine and Joseph.

John Renz Jr. and Mary Stransky Wedding

John Renz and Theresa Heinz

4 Generations John Renz, daughter Caroline Renz Biener, granddaughter Mary Biener Schuld and great-grandsons, Linus on left and Clarence Schuld.

Biener family Group John Renz is on the far left on the porch. Caroline Renz Biener is seated on the middle chair and her husband, John Biener, is to the right of her. The child on the far left is Edmund Biener.

Catherine Renz Franke Schless

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