Elizabeth Deborah Calhoun/Calhoon Parsons Bible

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Robert Parker Calhoon was born April 22 AD 1832

William Lewis Calhoon was born January 23 AD 1834

James Henry Calhoon was born May 29 AD 1835

James Henry Calhoon Departed this life March 29 A.D. 1837 Aged one year & ten months

Elizabeth Deborah Calhoon was born December 15th AD (year torn away)

Bruce Calhoon was born October 28th AD 1839

Susan Mary was born March 28 AD 1841

John Wallace was born November 13 AD 1842

Hetty Eliza Calhoon was born August 31 AD 1844

Fountain Calhoon was born August 12th A.D. 1847

Belinda Calhoon was born August 12 AD 1847. Departed this life November 1847

Nicholas Calhoon was born April 18 1849

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Margret Calhoon was Born January 19th 1852

Margret Calhoon Departed this life August 15th 1852

Fountain Calhoon Departed this life April 28 1853

Rebecca Thomas Calhoon was born Sept 23th 1857

Susan Catherine Departed this life September 25th AD 1860 Aged 46 years 5 months

John M Calhoon Departed this life February 8th AD 1861 Aged 56 years 3 months 28 days

Rebecca T. Calhoon Departed this life April 3rd 1870 Aged 12 years 6 months 11 days

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Thomas S Parsons and Elizabeth D Calhoon was Married October the 22nd AD 1861

Robert F Parsons was Born August the 6th AD 1862

John C Parsons was born June the 24th AD 1864

Thomas H Parsons was born Dec the 7th 1866

George Wm Parsons was born August the 9th 1869

Mary E Parsons was born Jan the 23d AD 1872

Thomas H Parsons Departed this life Dec the 29th 1870 aged 4 years and 18 days

Elizabeth D Parsons Departed this life January the 24th AD 1872 aged 34 years 1 month and 8 days

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T S Parsons and Cynthia A Cash was married March the 21 AD 1877

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